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Reynolds Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited is a subsidiary of SBI International Holdings AG (SBI), whose headquarters is in Switzerland. SBI is a transnational construction and development group, with subsidiaries in several countries of the world.

The Group's projects span the globe with concentration of activities in Africa, Central America and Europe.
SBI's first foray into Nigeria was in 1956 when it established a construction company called Nigersol Construction Company Limited together with some Nigerian investors.

Among the projects executed by the company is the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife (formerly University of Ife) which the company designed and constructed.

The University remains the most beautiful university campus in Nigeria up till date.

SBI then established business relationship with the defunct Western Region Government in the late 50s.
This relationship led to the incorporation of Nigerian Water Resources Development Limited (NWRD) as a joint venture company in 1959.

This specialist company executed majority of the water projects in Southern Nigeria, particularly in the defunct Western and Mid-Western regions.
In November 1969, SBI established a fully owned subsidiary in Nigeria called SolelBoneh Overseas and Harbour Works Company Limited (later renamed SolelBoneh (Nigeria) Limited).

Within a very short time, the Company carved a niche for herself and became a household name in Nigeria, especially in the Western part of the country where majority of her numerous road and building projects are located.

Prior to the incorporation of SolelBoneh (Nigeria) Limited, another subsidiary of SBI based in New York, USA called Reynolds Construction Company –New York (as part of an international consortium, called Reynolds Brezina & Brown or simply RBB) participated in and won an international bid in 1968 to construct a $32 million Calabar – Ikom Road, financed by USAID

in the then Eastern Nigeria. Being an off-shore company, Reynolds Construction Company-New York, applied for and secured a Special Approval of the Nigerian Government on 18 November 1968 to operate in Nigeria as a Foreign Company for the purpose of the Project.


As a result of flurry of business enquiries received and interest shown in her works, Reynolds Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited was incorporated as a local company in September 1969. It took off with projects in Eastern part of the Company and later expanded all over the country.

RCC is the flagship of Nigerian operations of SBI. Other member companies of the Group in Nigeria are SolelBoneh (Nigeria) Limited and Nigerian Construction & Water Resources Development Limited.

SBI international Holdings (AG) has its Headquarters in Switzerland and other main regions of activity are:

• West Africa - Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda.

• Central America – Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica.

• Central Europe – Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia.

• Others - United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Curacao (Netherlands Antilles),

   the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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